T&L is Locked & Loaded for the BC Spring Show!

Western Lite I Alexander Raja

T&L Cattle Co. is ready to head to the BC Spring Show with a push-button string, show-ring ready! We are ready to Sell You Success!

Our showstring will consist of ten outstanding heifers that are ready to go, and a half dozen intriguing young cows and herd favorites. These animals have been developed on a program to prepare them for the upcoming shows. These animals range in all levels of competitiveness and can take their new owners to the center of the ring at the end of the day! At T&L, we focus on selling success, and we’ve done it well in the past! We’d like to introduce you to a few of our headliners, all who are priced to sell!

A Fancy, Feminine, Squre Cut Junior Yearling…from the family of Lylehaven Lyla Z EX94-96MS-19*, 2x All-Canadian!

An Ultra-Correct, Clean-Boned Summer Yearling….from the family of Van-Dyk-K Integrity Paradise EX96-2E-3* 2x All-American and 2x WDE Grand Champion

A Jet-Black, Silky-Hided, Stylish Winter Yearling…from the family of Wilcoxview BC Cami EX93-9*-DOM, 1999 All-American Senior 3 Year Old, winning Senior 3 Year Old at WDE

An Impressive, Straight-Lined Fall Calf who has the LOOK!  She’s from the family of Glen-Drummond Splendor VG86-37*

A Wide-Rumped, Hard-Topped and Ultra-Feminine Fall Calf…From the family of Oakparke E Linjet Jaime EX94-95MS-3E-3*

A Black, Winter Yearling with Loads of Style and a Cow-Cut…from the family of Blondin Lyster Beauty EX92-4*, a family of multiple All-Canadian & All-Americans!

A Sid Senior 3 Year old with Veins, Capaciousness, a Phenomenal Udder…and Everything Else!…she’s backed by two Excellent dams!

A Gold Chip Junior 2 Year Old with Width and a Wicked Udder!

Please direct inquiries and calls to Tom DeGroot: 604 819 2879!