Success at the MN State Holstein Show

Senior & Grand Champion with Stranshome Partnership cows!

MN 1
1st Fall Calf & Pulled Out For Junior Champion
* 2015 All Minnesota Fall Calf *
Strans-Tola Dundee Lisa Rae – Bred w/ Stranshome!

MN 3
1st Senior Two Year-Old
* 2015 All Minnesota Senior Two-Year-Old *
MT-Ararat Goldwyn Ebrill – Owned w/ Stranshome

From an EX92 Advent, EX Encore, then EX96-2E-GMD-DOM Krull Broker Elegance

MN 2
1st Age Cow & Reserve Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
* 2015 All Minnesota Age Cow *
Oakfield-Bro Jasp Fantom – EX91 – Owned w/ Stranshome
From an EX94-DOM Storm, EX95 Skychief Finesse, EX94-DOM-GMD Starbuck, then EX94-GMD-DOM Elevation!

1st 4-Year-Old & Senior Champion and Grand Champion
* 2015 All-Minnesota 4-Year-Old *
Liddlehome-Y H G Rae – EX91 – Owned w/ Stranshome
From an EX95 Durham, EX92 Skychief, followed by EX94 GMD DOM, EX92 GMD DOM, EX90 GMD DOM , then EX97-4E GMD 2X Queen Of The Breed ” Roxy”!
Photos provided by Stranshome