September Classification Awesome Round!

EDG Claire Cling_2

21 new 2 Year Olds scored 17 VG, 2 GP-84 & 2 GP-83!

2 Year Old Highlights

EDG Claire Cling VG-85 2yr
Great granddaughter of Pine Shelter Cheyenne EX-95-3E Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2003  with top genomic numbers

Crasdale Jasper Morgan VG-87 2yr
Jasper from Arethusa I Gold Marche EX-93 2E – 3rd Dam Leader Melanie EX-96 3E 2*

VanDyk S Sanchez Alice VG-87 2yr
Barkerview Atwood Licorice VG-87 2yr
Claquato-RHCB Let it Snow VG-87 2yr

High Scoring 2nd calvers

Serli Braxton Cindi VG-89 3yr
Granddaughter of Serli Jed Cam EX-95 3E 3*

MWD Goldwyn Laurel VG-88 3yr
Goldwyn from Lexis Allen Lucille EX-93 x Idee Larissa Ex 2E 18* x Lydia

Sunnyhome Million Matilda VG-88 3yr
Knonaudale Aftershock Krumble VG-88 4yr from 4 EX Dams

Multiple Excellent Cows
Drolie Goldwyn Benefee EX-90 2E
Tolamika Roy Koochi K EX-91 2E

BC Fall Consignments:
Tolamika Observer Brenda VG-85 2yr