Classification Highlights Feb 2013

February 2013  at T&L

Recent Classification February 2013 at T&L Cattle

Tolamika Roy Koochi EX-91

Kingsmill Shottle Echo EX-90

Drolie Goldwyn Benefee EX-90

Jeirah Ice Pack Smartie EX-90 now owned by Premier West

Tolamika Dundee Carlene EX 2E

Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Abby VG-89 3yr Grand daughter of Adeen

Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 VG-89 3yr owned with Kingsway, Joel Phoenix

Daridelite Lavenguard Edith VG-88 3yr

Benner Planet Garfield VG-88 3yr

Valleyville Goldwyn Roslina VG-87 3yr now owned by Premier West

Tolamika Roy Madelyn VG-87 2yr

Shebs Atwd Halleys Comet VG-87 2yr Grand-daughter of Hazel

Springbend Aftershock Calua VG-86 2yr

Tolamika Dundee Claudia VG-86 2yr

Tolamika Atwood Juniper VG-86 2yr

Springbend Goldwyn Ayeisha VG-85 2yr

Tolamika Ritzy Debonair VG-85 2yr

Tolamika Director Selena-Red VG-85 2yr

Tolamika Shottle Lil VG-85 2yr

Kenbert Sanchez Supreme VG-85 2yr

Morsan Shottle Jen VG-85 2yr Grand-daughter Lheros Jen