Celebrating a Fantastic Classification


22 Very Good 2 Year Olds!We had another great classification this round for June 2015!
We encourage inquiries on these young cows, pictures and videos available on request!
In the market for an up and coming show prospect, exciting young cows are always available, and always priced!
Tom DeGroot: 604 819 2879

An Outstanding Group of 1st Calf 2 Year Olds!
Atwood Jemma  (pictured above)
– Now VG89-89MS-2YR (EX Baxter, EX-1* Dundee, VG86 Gibson) Only VG89-2YR in CANADA, of 2,742 2yr’s classified so far this year!
Braxton Funky
– Now VG88-87MS-2YR (EX91-2E Dundee, EX-2E-7* Rudolph, VG88-5* Jackpot & 4 Gen EX/VG)
Goldchip Raelyn
– VG87-89MS-2YR ( VG88 Tee Off, EX ReDesign back to Glenridge Citation Roxy EX97-4E-6* )
Windhammer Slash
– Now VG87-88MS-2YR (VG87 Roy, VG86-3* Linjet, GP Rudolph, then 2 More VG )
Fever Lentil – Now VG87-88MS-2YR x (VG Fortune, VG86-4* Outside x VG87-3* Grand
Atwood Sandy – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Heztry Ivy – Now VG86-87MS-2YR
Allen Twinkle – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Redliner-Red Spring – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Goldsun Mudslide – VG86-87MS-2YR
Cameron Lin – Now VG86-86MS-2YR (USA LOCATOR LIST COW)
Windhammer Gail – Now VG86-87MS-2YR
Miss Tique – Now VG86-87MS-2YR (Numero Uno x EX95-17* Eastside Lewisdale Goldwyn Missy)
Seaver Ransom – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Dempsey Tiny – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Stanley Cup Pepsi – Now VG85-86MS-2YR
Goldwyn Fanny – Now VG85-86MS-2YR x (VG87 Durham x EX92-4E-4*Jed x EX95-3E-5* Bstar Raven
Alexander Taylor – Now VG85-86MS-2YR(Gr. Daughter Of Lakeview Astronomical Taylor
Damion Thisbe – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Sid Kanga – Now VG85-86MS-2YR
2223 – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
322 – Now VG86-85MS-2YR

Amazing 2nd Lactation 3 Year Olds!
Duplex Georgette – Now VG87-88MS – 2nd Calf! x (EX94-3E-2* Georgia Rubens x EX Full Sister To Georgette EX96-2E)
Goldroy Judy – Now VG87-88MS – 2nd Calf
Atwood Farah – Now VG88-88MS – 2nd Calf (Backed by 12 Gen EX or VG )
Goldwyn Alaska – Now VG88-87MS – 2nd Calf x (EX94 Stormatic x EX96-2E-16* Ashlyn)
Goldwyn Jilliane – Now VG88-VG89MS – 2nd Calf x (EX95-4E-2* Morty Jeriane)
Seaver Jadene – Now VG88-88MS – 2nd Calf x (EX-2E-4* Outside)