KHW Regiment Appl

KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-3E-DOM-6*

The Million Dollar Apple…Sale Topper at Global Glamour 2008!
Reserve Grand Champion, Grand International R&W Show 2013 (to her clone, Apple-3)
Unanimous All-American R&W 125,000 Pound Cow 2013
HI Red Impact Cow of the Year 2013
Grand Champion, Grand International R&W Show 2011
All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011
HI World Champion Red & White Cow 2010
Res Grand Champ, Royal Winter R&W 2009
Nom All-American R&W 5-Yr-Old 2009
HHM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old 2007
Unanimous All-American Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006
All-American R&W Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006